Avalon…When Every Detail Matters

Planning any kind of gathering requires paying attention to all the details that matter to you. 

  • If the gathering is brief, the setting is corporate, and the CEO is making remarks…

  • If the party is glittering, the music is mellow, and the cocktails are flowing…

  • If the event is a fund-raiser, the decor is themed, and every penny counts…

The details may be different for each event, but every detail matters. 

The planning starts with the menu and builds according to your needs. We’ve worked with many civic groups, unions and corporations, religious leaders, and even a POTUS or two. A few sample menus from those events are below to give you a sense of what’s possible. There are different menus for all of life’s special events. We’ll enjoy creating a menu for yours.


sample menus

View Our Sample Cocktail & Gala Menus


Now that you’ve seen it, we invite you to taste it. We can’t wait to get cooking for you!