Avalon…Simple or Spectacular,
We’re Proud to Serve 

Political and union events occur in DC every day and are the heartbeat of our city. They require special attention to particular, often privileged, details. We offer staff with Secret Service clearance and make sure the setup is complete before the sweep. For union events, we supply union staff and make sure that only union-made foods and beverages are served. Compliance and respect are the bywords of our business, especially when we are in the rooms where it happens! 

Please let us know if you’d like to duplicate one of Jefferson’s elegant dinners, Washington’s Birthnight Ball, or the simple, homespun meal that was Lincoln’s favorite. Or, if you’d like a touch of Americana, we’ll bring on the red, white, and blue! 


sample menus

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Now that you’ve seen it, we invite you to taste it. We can’t wait to get cooking for you!