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When you’ve found the person you want to spend your life with, you want forever to start right away! Planning a celebration to match that feeling is where we step in to help you. Always first in our minds is the menu. We want to find out all about the foods you love and present the menu in your unique style, with equipment and decor to match the mood. Intimate and cozy? Got it. Grand and elegant? We’re so there! Rustic and chic? Another favorite. Whatever style pleases you, we’ll also weave in what’s needed to make your family and friends happy, with dietary or physical needs considered and included. 

How about a signature cocktail? Bespoke creations and favorite classics are all available. Just tell us your libations of choice and we’ll create something special just for you. 

We also help to create the style of your day, as we feature table linens in more than 700 colors and textures, along with specialty china, many seating options, lounge furniture, and distinctive bars. There are so many ways to make the day sparkle! 


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The Wedding Digest


Made by Avalon to answer all your questions about wedding planning – the what, when, why, and how much does it cost?



Advice from the Newlywed to the Nearlywed

Several couples return to Avalon after their honeymoons to share their newfound knowledge about planning a wedding – what they’d do again in a second and what they’d skip, now that they know better.


Now that you’ve seen it, we invite you to taste it. We can’t wait to get cooking for you!